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Dani Ɓlvarez Welters

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Hi! I build data-driven products.
Currently taking a break from work.

In the past I've worked with Trovit, Menorca Millennials and AlertaPhone.

I have a BSc in Computer Engineering from La Salle University.

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Slack bot to get Sodexo's card balance

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Web application that helps you discover Pokemon

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WebSummit Lisbon Attendee's 2016 Map

Mapped all 51.000 attendee's location on a map.

Project Details

  • Extracted WS Android app internal database
  • Exported location data to CSV
  • Geocoded cities & countries
  • Imported data in CartoDB
  • Appeared in (Portuguese online press)

Tor Node

I've been running my own exit node to contribute to Internet privacy and freedom of speech.

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Follow me on Instagram: @danimus3

Feel free to reach out!

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